Up Close with Founder of ANNABIS’ Luxury Cannabis Fashion Accessories

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Top among GBL's Gift Picks is ANNABIS' Luxury Cannabis Fashion Accessories.

Annabis (pronounced "anna-bee") luxury, aroma-blocking handbags are so exquisite, their creator Jeanine Moss has been called "the Coco Chanel of Cannabis" by Quartz. Born from the need to remain fashionable and discreet, AnnaBis bags and accessories offer odor-proof compartments that are designed for carrying marijuana. With both leather and vegan options, from small coin purses to crossbody bags and clutches, these luxury bags hit the sweet spot between style, functionality, and discretion. For women who are cannabis chic, this is a must-have.  Cannabis is legalized, Moss is making it civilized!

Moss started AnnaBís at the end of 2015 in South Orange, N.J., originally a native Californian, she has returned to Southern California.

"The AnnaBís product line includes a variety of bag styles, each one named in honor of a female celebrity Moss characterizes as having been outspoken about cannabis. They range from the slim and trim Whoopee vape case (roughly an inch longer and a ½-inch as wide as an iPhone 6) to the Lady G, a crossbody bag that converts into a music-festival-worthy waist bag." Excerpt from The Los Angeles Times, Adam Tschorn, April 11, 2017.

Moss says about her customer, "She's active. She's not that stoner sitting in their parents' garage watching video games … She's hiking. She's doing yoga. She's an avid traveler."

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