The Man Behind the Voice that Howard Stern Fired | Controlled Chaos WATCH IT S1:E10

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Gary Garver, the man that Howard Stern fired and said, "He would never work in radio again," celebrates 25 years in radio.

Gary Garver sits down with Emily Ann Plizak, host at Green Bee Life and Royce D'Orazio, Producer, Talent Manager & Founder, Royce's Arcade Warehouse and Studio to celebrate his 5th year as host of KCAA's 1050 AM and iHeart Radio's morning show, Controlled Chaos with Jigga Jones.  Garver reminisces about his days in radio, on the Stern show and working with Stuttering John and Jackie "the Joke Man" Marting who D'Orazio manages and fondly coined Stern refugees. Garver credits Stuttering John, Jackie Martling as well as other Stern exiled, as a huge part of producing and writing Stern's jokes for the Number 1 morning show that eventually earned Stern a 100 million dollar contract.

Garver left the show in 2008 after a falling out relating to a reality show Garver had created and pitched followed by a Red Carpet hassle as Stern's celebrity reporter in Hollywood that got him fired.

Garver ventured out to produce new types of shows where he could express himself freely without the backlash of the radio establishment. "Controlled Chaos," WATCH IT (video version) is produced by Green Bee Life and gives viewers a glimpse of the man behind the voice in what Green Bee Life Founder, Maria Calabrese, likes to describe as a unique, truthful take on the modern cannabis lifestyle in a "Green Eye for the Stoner Guy," type of show. D'Orazio and Calabrese are brainstorming ways to use comedy as an entry point to cannabis education with the some of Stern's refugee comedic geniuses.

Garver explains, "Radio has been killed by the corporate suits that have run the radio industry into the ground in the last decade with the same personnel and same song playlists. 'Controlled Chaos' will be the resurrection of radio... free of the media machine where people can speak their minds."  Speaking of resurrections, "Controlled Chaos" is the Second Coming of Gary Garver, the man that Howard Stern Fired and said would never work in radio again.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Stern show and the Tonight Show is available in Stuttering John's new book release, "Easy for you to Say."


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